Noctis Issue 9 Shoot

I had a shoot published last night at last. We shot it just as the warm weather was breaking through (still cold before the sun made an appearance though, so I'm sorry for the skimpy outfits girls!) for the Noctis summer issue, but it got put back to the Autumn issue and only a few of the final images made the cut. So, I thought I'd post all my iPhone snaps from the day here because, why not?
The story was shot by the lovely Hannah-Beth, make-up by Ioana Stefan, and the patient and sweet models were Mollie and Laissa at PRM.

BIG thanks to ASOS and American Apparel in particular for lending me bits and pieces for the shoot. Life savers.

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  1. This looks amazing! Love your outfits in the last picture! (:


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