The Blue Lagoon

I've been meaning to watch this movie for a long time, after seeing a few screen shots and falling in love with it immediately. The whole film is just so beautiful; I am in total awe of Brooke Shields here. Although I do have to remind everyone and myself that she was only 14 when making the film. That helps the self esteem. A little.
It's a good thing I was watching the film alone, as once I started hitting the print screen button I couldn't stop. The imagery is so dreamy, and kind of tempting me to jump on a plane/boat to the middle of nowhere. For those of you that have seen it, haven't seen it, want to see it, and everything in between: lucky you! I basically have the whole film in this post after the jump. Remember - click to enlarge images as always...

I'm not sure why they uploaded in such a sporadic order. If you plan to re-use the images, please credit 'Where Fashion Meets Fantasy', as I spent most of the film pausing and print screening and cutting and saving the images myself. Thanks x

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