Style Icon: Tina Aumont

The first image ^ is what started this post/major girl crush on the late Tina Aumont. I must have found it on tumblr or somewhere a while back, and saved it in a separate folder to all my 'used' blog post images for future reference. I don't know if it's her effortless but individual style, the heavily lined eyes, or the fact that I love a good fringe* but I remembered the fact that I have this image of this mystical girl saved over the past few days, and today I finally reverse Google Image searched it to figure out who she is, and to find more images like this. Turns out it's french/american actress Tina Aumont, and I was pleasantly surprised to find more stunning pictures of her (thank you Google Images, again). 

According to the internet: "Tina Aumont, born in Hollywood to film star Maria Montez and French icon Jean-Pierre Aumont. Jean Cocteau wrote a poem for her birth and Marlene Dietrich sang lullabies while cradling her."  Wow.

I'm labelling this as a Style Icons post as it seemed most fitting of how I see her. Her look was natural and original, not try hard or 'created' by a 5k a day stylist, and therefore kind of a refreshing relief from all the celebrity images buzzing around at the moment. Not that they're all bad, but you get my point, right? Though, she could have probably worked anything with that perfectly imperfect hair and those big dark eyes.

Feel free to fall in love by clicking Read More.

*I was already planning to cut a fringe before stumbling across this beauty. I bought proper scissors and everything. Tomorrow night, Aumont bangs will be mine. Hopefully.

Images via Listal, Google Images and MoonInTheGutter

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