This Time

One week ago, my blog post title wish came true.
I feel like I should have put something important as my title today, but I'm pretty sure the universe doesn't genuinely work that way.
Anyway, sorry for posting loads of black and white when it's the opposite of life right now.
Summer, summer, summer tiiime...

Images via FashionGoneRogue, DancingSkeleton, RoseReality, 2x, Ingenu-e, Fashhporn, FashionTNT, Fitorae, HighOnFlowers, IntoTheWordless, JustSpitMeOut, KnightCat, MermaidsLoveCake, MissClass, PrettyCityLife, RulesofThirds, TrashandTreasuree, VintageGal & WishingofSkiesBlue


  1. amazing photo selection. I really enjoyed this post!

    check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  2. lovely photos, lovely blog! wanna follow each other? xx


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