Bear With Me

Obviously, I have succumbed to Blogger's charms again. I don't know what happened or why or whatever, but I decided to start collecting images ready to start posting on here again a few weeks ago and not posting on Tumblr anymore. I'll explain more about that if I feel like it matters when I'm not falling asleep some time. Anyway, I need to make a ton of changes to this ancient old thing (URL included), and Blogger has completely changed since I last posted, but just throwing this post out there to get the ball rolling again. Somehow I've gained a few followers which is a nice surprise, so HIYA to anyone who's still around....

Images via FashionGoneRogue, Jak&Jil, VintageGal, RoseReality, TheClothesHorse, TigerCub, FuckLoveItsAllAboutFashion, TheseAreMyGloryDays, HighOnFlowers, Loretabatha, Nicoteen, RatRascalSnugglePuffs, RulesofThirds, ScarlettAntoinette & Vice.

I'm sorry, I've been hiding in a cave or something? But I'm just catching wind of this Grimes girl, so while I catch up with the rest of the universe, appreciate the above video please.

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