I Have Moved to Tumblr, Three Times...

So unintentionally, I have been posting pretty regularly (posting: re-blogging mainly) on three Tumblr accounts in recent months. Leaving this blog behind was intentional. I bought a new domain for another blog, but whilst I was trying to perfect ideas I became exhausted and frustrated with the direction that most 'fashion' & 'lifestyle' blogs were going, so that never came to much, yet... Anyway come say hi on Tumblr click the following links for:

Pretty much my head & heart and no specific theme in blog form

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have followed me, visited from time to time and/or commented on my posts. Part of me starting a new blog instead of improving this one was because I had allowed myself to get too lazy with this, and I felt pretty bad about neglecting to reply to comments and visit most of my new followers' blogs in my spare time. I'll update on here perhaps if I get my other Blogspot off the ground but Tumblr is the way forward for now :) much love x

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  1. People like your style of blogging, so you have so many followers, you are doing great work, thank you!


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