Stacks of Gold

I haven't really worn bracelets and cuffs a great deal in recent years, and I've gone even longer without wearing a watch. Then I spotted a gold watch being worn by an industry insider in a magazine a year or two ago, and fell in love. It was a gold Rolex (of course) so it was up there with jumbo Chanel bags and couture gowns on my most-unlikely-wish-list. Then a few months later, browsing Net-a-Porter's newest accessories led me to a new breed of gold watches by Michael Kors, which soon went on to take over the wrists of every style blogger imaginable. Months of visual teasing later, I finally got my own as a 21st birthday treat in Vegas last month, and have been wanting to layer on more gold pieces to complement it ever since, yet nothing I currently own seems to work without making my wrist look OTT. So I did some trawling through WeHeartIt to find some inspiration and here are some of my favourite results...

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  1. Great post! Following



  2. Love those accessories! Gold is really elegant and looks so sophisticated. Love this post hope you share more. Thanks!

  3. I love gold.I dream to have more and I'm working on it.


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