Waiting On Some Beautiful Boy

So I've finally organised this blog, almost 3 years later. 
There's handy little categories at the side now for you to jump to whatever it is you're looking for, I've cut most of the posts after 5 images with a read more link to make it easier to trawl through (some browsers/hard drives just can't deal with all those images on one long page) and I've added a Facebook share/like function at the end of posts along with links to similar posts, so you can jump to suggested older ones that you may have missed if you're a newbie.
I'm going to work on organizing all my links at the side later today. Some of them probably are sites that don't even exist anymore.
In the mean time if there's a blog you think I'd like/should be listed either way for being awesome, or you want me to check out your own site, send me links! I'll keep adding to the lists anyway, trying to expand my radar a bit, and sharing is caring...

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