Vegas and The Rest

So I'm back, and seeming as I tend to share a lot of images, and lately have shared my excitement for Vegas on seemingly every other post, I figured I'd share some of my holiday photos on here. I landed back in London this morning but haven't slept since Friday night/Saturday morning in Vegas (damn overnight flights and illness) so I'm currently about to go crazy as I haven't slept in about 32hours now. I've been forcing myself to stay up all day to avoid the horrid jet-lag I experienced after my trip to Canada in February. Fingers crossed I wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow then...
So anyway, here's a random jumble of photos from Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and some places in between. My mum and I flew over to celebrate my 21st and her 40th, which are two weeks apart. It was unreal. I'm so exhausted from cramming so much into a five night trip with two long haul flights, but it was oh so worth it.
We stayed at the MGM Grand, but I'm pretty certain I would like to make the Bellagio my home now. We saw the O show by Cique du Soleil too, which was incredible, and had the most amazing steaks at Prime (also in the Bellagio - love love love).
I dragged my poor mother into three Victoria's Secret stores there too, and still didn't manage to find the things I'd bookmarked online. But I did finally get my gold Michael Kors watch with some gift money and money I'd saved for the trip. Very lucky lady, such a surreal week.

Time to sleep at last anyway, until the morning lovelies x

Yeah that's a red velvet breakfast waffle, and it is as good as it looks.

All images are my own, please credit if you plan to re-use them (really?) and give me a shout too if you have chance!

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  1. Cirque Du Soleil is amazing and those steaks- wow!

    Hope you had a great birthday! Isn't being away for 21st soo much fun- such a treat. The pictures are great! :)




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