Claire's Cat-Eyes & Frizzy Fish-Braid

While I was in Portsmouth at the weekend, we popped into Claire's Accessories to get my younger sister a pair of sunglasses. This place used to be my haven when I was her age, I could spend hours in there much to my parents' dismay. While looking at sunnies for my sister I spotted a pair of cat-eye's that madly enough are probably the best one's I have found as of yet on the high street. They were only £5 so I went ahead and bought them, despite the fact my sister thought I was joking around when I picked them up...

Today I also finally taught myself to do fish-tail plaits. I've tried and failed before when reading instructions, but today I Googled it and used one of the video results instead. I picked it up in minutes! The heat in London right now is pretty insane - nice if you're chilling in the park, not so nice if you're running around doing errands or working/commuting. This little plait is a nice alternative to the usual quick regular braid I would do to my hair and means I can go without straightening it, which would be a complete waste of time with the current weather anyway.

Yeah so when my hair is down and curly it looks like I have a ton, but really there's not many strands at all ^

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  1. lovely sunnies, ive tried to do fish braids before but it never seemed to go right! yours look perfect though x


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