Ray-Ban Cat Eye-Frames - Be Mine

It's not that I've only just realised there is a trend for Cat eye sunglasses - Alexander Wang and Miuccia Prada, we thank you - but I got an urge to try some recently, and once I found out Ray-Ban make them now too, I was straight to Selfridges to try a pair on.
Anyone that's been shopping for sunnies with me will know that it's rare for me to be satisfied with how they fit. It took me a couple of years to accept that I could never rock aviators like Mila can. I even bought a pair of Wayfarers that I'm not entirely convinced actually look great on me. But these...
... they were a dream. Costing £110 & £150 respectively @ Net-a-Porter, I'm gonna have to hope people are generous for my upcoming birthday, and that my patience will last until I could at least seek them out in Duty Free at the airport en route to Vegas.
I have been seeking out a pair of high street copies for a couple of weeks since my meeting with the babies above, but alas I have been failed. Diamante details, dodgy colours or just all out dodgy shapes mean I'm sticking with my Wayfarers for now.

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