Communication Breakdown

A couple of days ago I deleted my Facebook account, for numerous reasons. Less than 24 hours later, my Blackberry finally died it's long awaited death on me, meaning no more BBM.
If I were to say one of the reasons I deleted Facebook is to get on with my dissertation, I would be lying. I still have blogger, still go on other blogs and tumblrs, still have twitter, still have hotmail, and a vast array of forums to waste my time on. Facebook has always just been something else in the background when procrastinating.
And so, the procrastination continues! Enjoy...
Images: LoveJen, FashionGoneRogue, WeHeartIt, JustJared


  1. I love these pictures so much. & I agree-facebook is just another part of procrastination! Everyone is probably better off without it :) xoxo

  2. your blog is very inspiring! :)


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