Christmas Came Early

My mum visited this time last week for a Christmas shopping trip, where I got to pick out some presents. There surprisingly wasn't anything much that I wanted, except for some new heels.
I had already spotted these Topshop beauties online but was too desperately poor to invest, and then I saw them in the Selfridge's shoe hall and knew I had to have them. I spent the rest of the day looking around still, and in the end we were chasing them down in 3 different London stores before finally finding a pair in my size.
It was worth it though, and I lasted a very long night in them at the Levi's Christmas party this week. Amazing effort considering the alcohol levels consumed...
Apologies Ms. Prada - I was never really going to get my hands on one of your beautiful Miu Miu pairs, which I have spent months and months lusting after...
When I was seeing the mother off, a woman breezed past us in the station wearing a pleated black maxi that looked perfect, blowing around in the wind. Yes, I am still hooked on maxi's despite my lack of ability to wear them practically.
Anyhow, this woman - I figured - was just one of those annoyingly cool looking people who always has perfect clothes (you know the type) that I'd never be able to find. That was until I discovered that her skirt was from Topshop. Yes, Topshop to the rescue once again.
I had to search all of Flagship only to find shorter versions in several colours, but no black maxis. Thanks to Topshop.com, another Christmas present from the mother is on its way to me as we speak...
It's weird, because before this past week Topshop hadn't been in my good books for months. I usually have a list as long as my arm of things I want from there but lately the spark has been missing, but it seems to be making a come back.
And finally... Wow, can I rant??
I just got back from a cheeky trip to Nandos with my dearest friends/roomies where we swapped Christmas presents before we head home over the next week.
They seriously are the best...
and it's still a whole week + half a day until Christmas morning. Getting SO excited now...

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  1. Oh, I desperately wanted those shoes but couldn't justify the price! You're so lucky :)
    And that skirt is gorgeous too,

    Rosie x


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