Victoria's Secret 2010 Runway Show Part I

Next set is previously posted.
Once again, I am left with serious body envy and pondering the practicality of wearing these looks in every day life. I would love to go to one of the shows. I think when they open their first UK store in 2012 they should celebrate by having the show in London. Yes?! Then I have more chance of blagging an invite without having to fork out for flights to the US (what a shame that would be).
Anyway back to the show... any favourite looks? They're using more and more high fashion models in the shows, it seems. My favourites have to be Candice in the Red-Riding-Hood-esque costume, Erin's peacock ensemble, Shannan in the sequin top with heeled wellies and a cute umbrella, and of course Karolina's angel wings steal the show.
Enjoy! x


  1. ahhhh they are GORGEOUS as always! all of them!

  2. The backstage shots always look like the girls are having so much fun! Looking forward to the show airing!

  3. These all would be so hilarious in bed.

    Thanks for your comment! Following you. :)


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  5. man ive got amazing body envy at the moment too! rghh those girls are all so gorgeous!

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