A lesson in style, Via Christine Centenera

I started gathering up images and subscribed to Christine's tfs thread some time ago now, but never got round to posting all the images and whilst my laptop was busy dying, Tommy Ton did a little profile on her here.
Some beautiful detail shots, it's a must visit!
Before I overwhelm you with this beaut's style in pictures, a little introduction.
Chrsitine Centenera is an Aussie Fashion Editor currently styling the pages of Australian Harper's Bazaar. She's also recently appeared as a guest judge on Australia's Next Top Model, and is dating designer Josh Goot.
She also has legs to die for and the perfect hair and skin tone. Yes, some people do just have it all...

She has that perfect mix of minimalist and statement items, and plays with neutral colours that never come out looking boring.

New for the shopping list: Big faux fur coat, killer wedges and (after slaving away at the gym for a while?) some skinny leather pants.

Images: tfs


  1. I love Olivia, but this is def a new style role model in the making!

  2. Oh my! those are lovely!

    However, the clothes kind of remind me of Gossip Girl's Serena

    Love it still



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