In the City

It's official - I'm going to Vegas next August for my 21st and my mum's 40th - cue dancing around in excitement.
I've wanted to do this for years now, so now that it's booked the countdown has officially begun.
Fingers crossed 2011 is completed with getting onto the uni trip to NY (highly unlikely with my poor submission) and maybe another cheap day trip to Paris? I have seriously itchy feet, and instead of spending months abroad or a whole gap year travelling, I seem to be doing it bit by bit accidentally. Or accidentally on purpose...

Images: FashionGoneRogue, Jak&Jil, Tumblr

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures :)
    Good luck with your NY trip... I don't think I'll get to go either :( sad.
    So jealous about your Vegas trip!

    Rosie x



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