Forever 21 Hits the UK and Ireland, plus Westfield Stratford

For those of you that didn't already know (I had an insightful read of Retail Week whilst waiting in the uni library yesterday) the American fast fashion brand Forever 21 are finally opening their first UK store this month, in the Birmingham Bullring Center. They're also opening a store this month in Dublin although I'm sure most Irish readers will already know about this.

Whilst they're still searching for the perfect location for a Central London flagship store, they have signed a deal with Westfield Stratford already. The center is due to open next year (you can find out more info about that here).

I was somehow oblivious to the fact they were opening another mall in London, and they're claiming that this will be the biggest in Europe, blowing their White City center out of the water. It saves half of London's residents from trekking across the city - just to shop indoors on rainy days - at least!

Images: Forever21.com

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  1. Gosh next year is not good! now now now! lol. I hope your well B! xxxx


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