Fashion Flop

I have a bit of a things for glamourously over-sized brims. So in case it wasn't already apparent enough, I thought I'd do a whole post dedicated to floppy hats.

I just ordered one from ASOS, and when it arrived I tried it on straight away, and a few times since, and I just can't get comfortable with the size of the brim in comparison to my head and hair in general.

I even put it on again yesterday and attempted to get a webcam shot to get some opinions on this, but I just looked ridiculous so there will be no pictures for you all to laugh at I'm afraid.
Other people pull them off so well, but it saddens me to say I may have to return this one and keep searching for another perfect shape.

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  1. Ahhh I am sure it looked good? You have the long locks to pull on off :)
    I am totally loving hats at the moment too, well any kind of hair accessory really.

    R x


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