Dear Topshop Satchel,

As soon as I set eyes on you, I was seconds away from digging out my purse and taking you to the till. Sensibility got a hold of me, however, so I turned over the price tag to find you were not the beautiful bargain of a new season bag I was hoping for. Turns out you're real leather, and therefore deserve an £85 price tag.
Maybe we'll meet again on payday, if fate has its way...


  1. The burgundy one is absolutely beautiful, lucky you if you get one on payday :)

  2. Completely agree burgundy is a beaut!
    However this satchel leather or not is not worth £85.
    Student discount?? £76.50 still ludicrous

  3. i also love the middle one! soo beautiful :3 tho the blue one is nice too :)


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