Lily Aldridge

Some old photos of Lily Aldridge gathered from the Fashion Spot - she's such a natural cutie...
FYI: Lily is the sister of photographer Miles Aldridge and models Saffron and Ruby Aldridge, is dating Caleb Followill from the Kings of Leon, and went to school with the Olsen twins who she is still good friends with.

Big apologies for not posting so regularly as of late, by the way.
I've just started working for Levi's, I have a placement at Viva Paris' London office, and a major project on at university, all of which are sucking the time and energy out of me...
I've bagged myself a placement at Harper's Bazaar though for the end of August - SO EXCITED!


  1. well done for the Harper's Bazaar placement!! Super proud of you :D
    oooh, i adore Lilly, she's so natural and cute, but still manages to look elegant

  2. very exciting plans! I would kill for that opportunity!!! Good luck!! :)

  3. Wow, all of your opportunities sound wonderful! Best of luck!


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