I Heart Horst

Marloes Horst has been on my girl crush radar for some time now. Every time I spot an editorial with the Dutch beauty posted on Fashion Gone Rogue I get excited and usually save every image.
She has long, golden locks that are to die for, piercing blue eyes, a pout to show Miss Jolie up and an amazing and refreshingly healthy body for a high fashion model.
Due to her being quite short for a model, she is used a lot more in editorials than on the runway.

(Images: FashionGoneRogue and tfs)

PS. I wish people who directly copy content from other blogs on multiple occasions and don't even have the decency to credit their blatant unoriginality would learn that people aren't going to go to their blog when they can't even construct decent sentences.
Rant over :) thank you to the loyal followers, the numbers keep creeping up!


  1. Yes she pretty much rocks!


  2. It seems Miss Horst ranks up there with the mythical gods; your montage is Gorgeous:)

    As for your post script, it seems to be a growing problem of deteriorating integrity. People do notice stealing; it is a small blog world after all...


  3. Is it just me or does looking at all her pics make you want to go to a Pilates class? :-)


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