The Clog Debate

Now, I know I seriously slated the Chanel Spring/Summer show... but half a year later already loving wooden heels but not so much the clog variety, I've seen plenty of interpretations and plenty of people wearing them and I've decided - I kind of like some certain styles.
Damn you Karl!

Topshop's tan take on the trend - £75.

Fact is, I'll never wear them. It sucks being too tall to wear heels on a casual daily basis.


  1. I actually think these are more practical than some others that I've seen! I def would wear these!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. we discussed this last night ... I love the wooden heel detail but I've never really dared wear clogs
    I'm really quite short, being 5"3 I could probably manage to wear such a dramatic heel on a day to day basis, but I'm never sure how to style them
    and I think I might fall and brake a bone xx

  3. I love certain clogs and have been looking for the perfect pair, these are beauties!


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