VS Models do Milan

Exciting news for Miranda Kerr fans!
Yesterday she turned heads once again as she walked the runway for Prada during Milan fashion week. Last year people were shocked to see her making an appearance on the Balenciaga runway. Things are looking good for MK as far as moving into high fashion from commercial goes.

Also unexpectedly joining her on the runway were fellow Victoria's Secret models Allesandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes.
Doutzen appears to be a lot curvier than the majority of the models used in the show - I am by no means calling her fat, we've all seen her in her smalls there is no doubt her body is to die for - it can only be seen as a positive step forward for the health of models and the image reflected from the shows surely?
What are your opinions on the VS models merging into high fashion shows? Do they fit the bill?

(Images: Style.com)

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  1. wow i didnt notice but doutzen does look a little bigger than the others-but she still looks great! and yes they do fit the bill, I'm happy to see these girls at the Milan fashionweek runways :D


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