Work it Out

I guess this must be the point in which people start to fall off the New Year's resolution bandwagon and need some inspiration to keep up with their fitness routines.
My favourite form of inspiration is watching the Victoria's Secret runway show - pretty much guaranteed to make you feel disgusting to the point of running to the gym. I know many people who find those beauties can give their motivation a very swift kick up the bum.
I've just ordered the Tracy Anderson dance workout and (cringe) the Pussycat Dolls workout DVD. I find the idea of dance a lot more fun than pulling awkward stretches on the floor and watching people jump around who I don't want to look like anyway.
Each to their own I guess.
If anyone has made a fitness/diet resolution I'm wishing you luck. Stay healthy and motivated, just think of how good the end result will feel, and don't go silly. Trying to cut completely everything out that you've depended on all of a sudden just doesn't seem to work too often. Everyone's entitled to a treat in moderation after all, which is probably why I chose exercise over cutting out chocolate most of the time...

(Images: FashionGoneRogue, WeHeartIt, Models.com, TeenVogue, Google)

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  1. Love the w/o inspiration! I decided to stay home and BAKE last night instead of working out. Maybe if I had some cute Stella McCartney Ballet clothes, I'd be more willing to go to a class or two! :O)



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