UK ELLE - A Fresh Start?

UK Elle have had a long, tiring run at doing covers in a gloomy grey/navy shade and making the cover stars looked a little dead. I wouldn't say that they were bad covers - they were a nice idea to begin with, but after several issues with the same cover theme I became sick to death of them.
Covers sell issues, and I found it hard to differentiate from one issue to the next. Of course it didn't stop me buying Elle magazine, but I longed for some more colour or creativity, a little change. After all, I look to publications for inspiration and it was completely lacking.
The January issue was a nice start for me. Ok there is still the grey background but the beautiful Burberry pastels on the very healthy looking Helena Christensen offset this, and although simple, it was effective. Perhaps my strong love of this Burberry collection made me a little Biased.

Now we have the February issue with Natalie Portman on the cover. No grey. No blue. It's fresh and lovely and pretty and I like it.

Thank you Elle team! I am 100% content.

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