Sale? Sold!

Some longtime followers may remember me mentioning this dress a while ago - Topshop's very own version of the Alexander Wang embroidered mesh dress.
It kept selling out before I could afford to actually buy it, but with it being such a good copy of such a good dress there is no surprise.
The big surprise was finding one in the Topshop sale nearly two weeks after the sale actually started (usually it's a load of rubbish to begin with, nevermind this far in) in my size for only £20. I got my boyfriends staff discount on top of that which made me a little more smug. I can't wait to style it up...

This is the best image I could find and has both the original and Topshop version. Credit to wantandafford.com (obviously)


  1. That Top shop one looks awesome. I kind of want to get it for myself.


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