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One of the best presents I recieved this Christmas?

The TeenVogue Handbook.

As soon as I found out a release date I requested it for Christmas and have been eager to read it since. Now I finally have my shiny copy and have read my way through the Editors and Stylists sections - both areas I'm dying to get into.
The book also has sections on Designers, Models, Photographers and Beauty, which I will also read through as any advice in this industry is useful.
The sections I have read so far have been very inspiring. Most of the advice is stuff I have probably read elsewhere, but this only being due to my crazed research efforts online whilst looking for internships and how to succeed, etc.
Either way, it has given me the kick up the tush I needed to get back into the swing of things and start harassing the industry again for more opportunities.
Definitely a must have if you're considering any of these professions, with some great images included and breakdowns of a typical day, as well as how they all got to where they are today and their all important advice for budding fashion stars.

(Image: TeenVogue.com)


  1. Hey,Whereabouts did you get this book? Been looking but have been unsuccessful so far x

  2. I would comment back on your blog to make sure you got it but its come up as Anon!
    Anyway you should be able to get it on Amazon, that's where mine was ordered from :) x


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