Light touch my hand, in a dream of Golden Skans

Gold can so easily be tacky, but in most cases it's one of my favourite... Colours? Shades? I don't know.
I never wear silver jewellery - Gold just seems to have a much warmer feeling about it, as do golden tones in general when it comes to clothes, hair or the weather. Yes, I love the sun.

(Images: FashionGoneRogue, ObsessionMIA, WeHeartIt, JustJared, LivetoLove)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love the second dress and the shots on the beach. Really pretty!

  2. What nice images, love the one with the face profile the most and the one after it is really pretty!

  3. Gold reminds me of one of my favorite songs "New Gold Dream." I agree, it can be tacky at times, but if you pair it with reds or black, it looks divine!

  4. wow i love all of these shades of gold, every image is gorgeous!!! I'm a massive fan of gold and don't mind when it looks tacky!!!
    Rianna Bethany xxx


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