Cringe vs Adore - Golden Globes

I trawled through the Golden Globes red-carpet and after party pictures lastnight, and felt the same as many - disappointed.
I didn't see the point in putting a whole lot of effort into a post about it so I just picked out a couple best and worst. I am left wondering where all the good stylists got to, minus a few exceptions.
I don't understand what Li-Lo is trying to achieve here but it just makes me want to cry a little inside. I watch her old films and pray for her to wake up and stop with the surgery and go back to her natural roots - her hair was such a gorgeous colour before.
And as for Mariah? I don't think it really needs comment.

Sandra Bullock looks truly stunning, one of the best red-carpet looks in my opinion. I am a little biased with purple being my favourite colour, but it should be hers as well. She's one of those women who can sometimes struggle to pull of fashionable looks, so the feminity as opposed to daring really works for her here.
And I have long had a little girl crush on Camilla Belle, and she looks beautiful as ever in this little Giorgio Armani cocktail dress.

(Images: JustJared)

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