Gowning Around

At the risk of seriously freaking out my boyfriend, I'm posting some images that I saved a while back after trawling through the Marchesa shows on Style.com.

Georgina Chapman creates some of the most beautiful gowns imaginable, bringing in new fashion techniques and trends but still making them timeless and breath-takingly gorgeous. I saved some of my favourites - for future reference, I have a folder named gowns on my laptop which I will keep adding to as I fall for more dresses.

Show me a girl hasn't considered their future wedding dress at least once in their life.

Some of these are more prom or cocktail style put there are aspects of them all that I adore, so inspiration can be taken for many occassions.

Anyway Enjoy these beauties. I put some Dior Couture pieces in at the end too...

Original Images are from Style.com however I compiled these all myself, so please credit my blog if you plan to re-use them. Thank you :)


  1. Agreed, Marchesa and Dior DO some of the most fabulous dresses out there, ever! Even after I've been married, I still love to lust after dresses! Cue hubby freaking out ;)


  2. Love your blog! Just wanted to let you know I've added you to my blogroll!


  3. wow. wonder if i'd get away with getting married in my bra, dior stylee?



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