I'm a dreamer...

I'm just waiting for my laptop to crash on me due to the amount of images I see and think 'awww... save picture as'

Currently having a break from Christmas present wrapping/card writing, getting geared up to watch the X Factor final tonight with a tub of Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska - cannot beat that.

I'm off to see Miley Cirus tomorrow night at the o2 with my dad, step-mum and younger sister haha. I'm not a big fan but it means seeing some of the family and staying in a hotel for the night which I can't complain about, seeming as I do actually live in London.

I'm sure I'll report on any mad stage costumery. I saw her on Alan Carr's 'Chatty Man' show (or whatever it's called) the other night, and she had this leather Prada-inspired outfit with a tiny pleated skirt, and kept swinging it towards the camera flashing her bum. She's just turned 17. Little girls adore her.

Hmm anyway, must continue with prepping. Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!

(Images: FashionGoneRogue, Fuckyeahskinnybitch, Google, FotoDecadent)


  1. Miley Cyrus also recently got a tattoo! there will now be millions of pre-teens across america scrawling 'just breathe' under their left boob now..


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