The Future of Fashion?

I went onto my MySpace account recently for the first time in months and re-read everything I'd put on my profile - I can rant for England, let's just say that - and also looked at the images I used on my 'about me' and 'interests' sections. This Chanel A/W '08 image was the main picture featured on my profile.
I hadn't seen this in ages, and it just reminded me of the true magic of fashion week. Yes there are plenty of dreary same-y shows to trawl through, but it's all worth it for gems like this.
I have read numerous articles in the past surrounding Fashion Month and the concept of seasons, and many industry professionals seem to be questioning whether the whole thing really works anymore.
The Spring/Summer shows for 2010 took place before Autumn/Winter '09 weather even had a chance to kick in, allowing high street brands to imitate the collections before the designers can even get them in-store come Spring season.
There is also the cost factor of putting on these big shows. With so much content going online, anyone can view images from the shows several hours after they happen across the world - no invite neccessary - and some designers such as McQueen are broadcasting them live online. So is it really ideal for fashionistas to jet around the world, almost killing themselves trying to fit in every show schedule combined with jet lag whilst still looking inspired and glamorous?

Very good example of my ability to rant there, but I'm interested in hearing other people's opinions as I will be writing a feature based on this topic and I'm a little torn, as the fantasy set-up of some of the shows is what is most inspiring.
If you could let me know how you feel about the topic, whether you've considered it before or what changes you think should be made, just post a comment or rant to me via e-mail (address at the side).
I look forward to finding out how other's feel regarding the subject.
Do you think the fashion industry is in need of a big change?
Yes, drastic changes are needed to keep the industry going
Maybe a few small changes
No, I think it works perfectly the way it is
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Thanks guys :) x

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  1. There needs to be small changes constantly made in the fashion industry, because after all, it's an industry that feeds on change. The fashion industry is a like a big turning mill that's constantly producing new, more innovative ideas than the last and that's what keeps people coming back for more. If changes were never made then what would keep people interested? I find the fashion industry so engrossing because there's no clear level of normality, every designer is different and every fashion writer's view is from a different perspective.


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