Street Style

Here are a couple of images I accumulated from September mostly. I found the straight-up project that we were given at uni really difficult.
We had to look for people who weren't just trendy or nicely put together, but 'fashion forward', and also had to be able to get a decently composed snap of them if we happened to find anyone.
The McQueen dress is a sneaky one, we saw her in the most unexpected place you could even imagine debuting such a dress, a tiny not-very-cool-at-all bar in Epsom. We were in such shock and debate over whether it was real, and if not where did she get such a good copy?
I love Louise Gray's outfit - I really like the colours and prints that she's thrown together, very creative.
Oh yeah and one of the categories was menswear. Not so fashion forward but a nice change to all the chequered-shirt clad males that kept on passing by...
All images my own, if used please credit FantasticalFashion :)

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