A Rachel Bilson dedicated post

I decided randomly to trawl through Rachel Bilson posts on Celebrity-Gossip.net for some style inspiration, and gathered a ton of images. Then I thought 'I'll go onto ASOS and see if they have anything "in the style of Rachel Bilson"'. Greeted by the homepage with a large image of Rachel, I thought 'oh how funny this model looks SO much like her', then realised it was her... Ooops!
She's featured in the new ASOS magazine which you can view and read online here.
I'm glad she's coming back onto the radar again - I've missed her cute little face! And I've been dying to see New York, I Love You since I first heard about it a couple of years ago, but there's still no UK release date. So upsetting.
Enjoy my mini shrine anyway...

Also, here is a link to an interview with her stylist, Nicole Chavez. It sounds like such an ideal career to me, and this article was inspiring, and makes a good back up to the Rachel Zoe Project.

(Images: celebrity-gossip.net, asos)


  1. Yes!! A Rachel Bilson post, I swear we are so on the same wavelength today. She's such an effortless beauty!

  2. what a fantastic post! Rachel makes style look so easy. her appeal is especially that she doesn't have to go to extremes to get noticed.


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