McQueen Dream

Just quickly posting some mini homework projects I did for university, as I procrastinate from finishing another... Typical thursday night behaviour.
We were given a set of images to chose from which we had to describe with a small word limit, then shown McQueen's A/W '01 show and had to write a piece based on our observations. The shoes were definitely not the easiest to describe, but amazing nonetheless.

If you thought jumpsuits were a tricky trend to pull off, try McQueen’s latest creation. It’s an army green metallic nylon jumpsuit, complete with zippers scattered around the thighs and up the middle front of the garment. The cropped sleeves and thighs are inflated like airbags, whilst a sturdy brown reptile skin belt nips in the waist. Peeking out from the collar is a high neckline covered in bronze, iridescent paillette sequins. Completing this look is a pair of statuesque, khaki, platform shoe boots with gold, studded, square toe caps. This is definitely a look only for the brave.

No woman can complain of being unable to walk in high heels ever again, thanks to Alexander McQueen. His show stopping shoes had the world gasping in shock, and with admiration for the army of models who paraded the runway without a single hint of a fall. It is difficult to tell in these bulbous shoes where the foot actually sits and the hidden platform begins. These python skinned wonders with their curved heel and warped shape act as stilts, making the tiny models’ legs look even more matchstick like, as if this was ever possible.

If anyone has the ability to make me question fashion, it has to be Alexander McQueen. Watching his Autumn/Winter 2001 show, it is clear where he draws his inspiration from, but he creates ensembles and personalises garments in ways I would have never imagined before seeing them. He gives us long, loose flapper dresses with a cheeky twist – see through lace, fringed hems and a flash of the breast if the dress so happens to fall that way. He teams the twenties inspired pieces with dark native American style feathered headpieces and a modernised super-pointed stiletto shoe. Then we have the shirt and trousers. In typical mannish style, the shirts have big collars and are teamed with big ties. PVC ties, actually, in a caramel colour. The trousers also come in various shades of camel, khaki, tan and beige. A particular pair - also in PVC to match the tie of course - look like your regular loose tailored pants, only they appear to be tucked into riding chaps and finished off with the popular stiletto heel. I would love to see how these ideas progress and come to such bizarre combinations, that somehow just work. McQueen may be a jeans and t-shirt type himself, but he certainly has bigger and better ideas for us women.

Here is a link to the show above. So theatrical, I love McQueen. This is where the fashion week excitement really lies, only it's a rare occurance these days. Such a shame...

Images: Vogue and Style.com

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