Christina Nostalgia

This post has come from a long chain of thoughts.

I for some reason ended up watching a Girl's Aloud video on some music channel and the video for 'Sexy! No No No' came on, and I remembered how much it reminded me of the video for Christina Aguilera's 'Fighter'. This led me to google the video to find stills from it.
Previous to this, I had been discussing and watching Lady Gaga's style/performances, and when I looked through the 'Xtina' pictures I realised (not for the first time) how un-original Lady GaGa actually is.
Now, I'm not dissing the GaGa - she is nuts and I give her a lot of credit and after seeing her perfom on SNL I realised just how talented she truly is - I just don't think Christina gets enough credit. She has the vocals I envy the most and such guts to re-invent herself and express herself the way she does. I love Britney to bits, but I think Chrissie needs more recognition and shouldn't be compared to Britney so much. What is it with people comparing anyway?
So, here are some good and some so-bad-that-they're-good-for-nostalgic-purposes images of my favourite kind of blonde Aggy...

^ I always loved this image... so Miu Miu!

All images I found via Google images... Sorry I didn't keep track of the specific sources but if you see one of your images and want me to credit you let me know.
PS. If people are going to use images from previous posts of mine PLEASE credit my blog. It's only fair, and when there's only one image you have taken it isn't hard to keep track. Thank you!

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