A Word of Advice

If you plan on going to the Pop Life exhibition at the Tate Modern (London) I advise that you do not go with your parents.

Dismissing signs stating that there would be explicit sexual material in some rooms - thinking it would be pretty mild - I was a little surprised to walk into a very graphic room full of Jeff Koons' not so finest peices. Big images, up close and personal, awkward alone never mind with your Dad and step-mother.

However, if you can bypass this it is worth a visit. I'm one of those 'fashion people' who will not pretend she is an art-type to fit in or sound intellectual, but I enjoyed this. I understood most of it (my parents did not) and I have a soft spot for Andy Warhol now more than ever. Such a funny character and so ahead of his time with his hunger for fame etc. (Paris Hilton and co. anyone?)

For more info visit the wesbite.

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