Style Icons - Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma

This russian beauty is my latest style obsession, and when you take into account that Rachel Bilson and Blair Waldorf are my top icons, you can see why.
Mira started work at Russian Harper's Bazaar as a Social Events editor, and then moved on contributing to L'Officiel Russia, Glamour Russia, Tatler Russia and the style section at Russian OK magazine.
It is no secret that this stylish young woman comes from a wealthy background - her father and her husband are both succesful businessmen. I'm yet to find an offical source of her age but it seems she is about twenty five years old.
She has taken the roots of Russian style - excess, lots of designer labels - and put a young fresh spin on it. She is young and she is still finding her fashion feet, whilst the world watches in awe of how she experiments with different styles. After scouring The Purse Forum and The Fashion Spot for pictures it seems she has quite a following.
She is another girl making my cravings for maxi skirts and nipped in waists even stronger, not to mention all the Prada and the handbags she is sporting.
Some criticise her style for being too designer or too dressy, but when you have an unlimited budget and you have the events, why wouldnt you play dress up with all of your favourite brands? She could very easily be tacky, but to me she is insanely cute. The fact that she is very petite and not anorexic-thin makes a nice change and shows girls lacking the supermodel body how to rock the catwalk silhouettes, with the help of an amazing tailor of course.
She's definitely making me consider getting a fringe again...


  1. looooooove her style! and finally, a drop dead gaawgeous girl who looks like she actually eats! i think i am in love ;)


  2. She is insanenly cute! My style icons are also Rachel Bilson and Blair Waldorf :D oh and Olivia Palermo !!

  3. Drop dead gorgeous! I'm petite too and so happy to see someone gorgeous, not anorexic and look fabulous.


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