I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed...

Oh John.
Yes, Karlie Kloss looks stunning as ever opening your Spring/Summer 2010 show:

But is anyone else feeling a sense of familiarity? Shiny trench coats and ankle socks with strappy platforms, AKA. Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010!

Galliano is my hero. Galliano is a lot of people's hero. But I hate to admit it, I really kind of hate this show.

The silky lacy bloomers are reminding me of Madonna. That is not a compliment. Also shiny leggings? Original...

My eyes bleed.

Dearest John Galliano,
Please stop mimicking other more successful shows/recreating what you've done in previous seasons but making it tackier. The world knows you can do much better than this.
Please wow us all with the upcoming John Galliano show. Dior did not satisfy my Paris Fashion Week tastebuds.
Apologies, I'm still your biggest fan (and would still like you to please still make my wedding dress).

With love and concern,

Fantastical Fashion.x

Images: Style.com

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  1. totally agree, i always though his shows were completly out of this world amazing with awesome sets and makeup and clothes... this seemed a tad dull and yeah as you said, looks a lot like every other single collection ;)

    its time to get your fashion freak on



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