Winter Wardrobe Plan

Here is a little mood board I made to help put all my ideas and bits and bobs together and see what gaps I should fill ready for winter.
Winter Wardrobe Mood Board
I already have two biker jackets, and these two skirts - splashes of colour are essential in the dull winter - and I have a pink chunky knit scarf as well as some flat suede thigh high boots from Office. I'm buying this coat this weekend (hello payday) so I'm getting there

I'm well into the winter spirit now and just want this random sun/rain weather to make up its mind or go away.

Also, I'm hoping to make a designer investment come Christmas - my only current designer item, besides cosmetics, is a Luella purse from a sample sale. Maybe a cute Marc or Chanel 'wear with anything' bangle?

This is a very self indulgent post I know, I'd just like opinions on my winter wardrobe plan...


  1. the varnish <3
    I feel like it's gonna be the new chloe shorts, ha

  2. Don't forget the booties. They are so hot right now. Blue or gray would look cute with leggings and those little skirts you show :) Just a thought!


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