London Fashion Week

Starts tomorrow!


I'll be attending the Ioannisdimitrousis show tomorrow evening, with an actual invite this time as oppposed to just hanging around hoping to get in - though I will probably spend the next few days afterwards doing that. I love going to the shows. They're so short but so exciting, even if the collection itself turns out to be nothing special.

Apologies for being so god awful at posting. I've been working a lot at Aldo and whenever I'm not working I celebrate by turning super lazy - not good. I'm working on another post for tonight though. It is the calm before the storm.

I won't be covering fashion month in so much detail this time around as my photoshop needs sorting out again and with all the projects coming up I will hardly have time. Maybe I'll select some snippets of my favourite shows when it's all over. My coverage has nothing on Style.com, let's be honest.

Just to close this post I have to post some images on the wonderful Vivienne Westwood posing outside her first Red Label show this time last year. Who needs to age gracefully anyway? Not our Viv...


First image from Eley Kishimoto S/S 09, all photos taken by me.

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  1. oooh my god, you are way too lucky! i would kill to be able to go to a show!! i love your assignments too, that was the thing i always loved when i did textiles - the homework was super fun like "read vogue and make a collage of trends", thats not homework - i would have done that anyways in my free time!

    have an amaaaaaaaaaaazing time!!

    and vivienne westwood rocks my socks ;)



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