LFW - the rest

Today was exciting!
I didn't bother trying to get into any shows but I saw Anna Wintour, Lara Stone, Freja Beha Erichsen and Erin O'Connor - the latter for the millionth time over the past few weeks - within metres of where I was standing (people watching is the best at fashion week) along with the whole UK Vogue and Glamour team and many other infamous fashion journalists, all arriving at Somerset House for the Jaeger show.

My papparazi skills are pretty shocking but I managed to get a few snaps.

This is Freja, my camera didn't have time to adjust to the light, or lack thereof?
Jason Gardiner? I didn't know either...
Oh yeah, I pearled out my Blackberry Pearl.

All images quite obviously taken by me - awful haha

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  1. ahah oooh someone has a future of uum paparazzi-ism! youre a better picture taker than i am, if i took these they would all be blurry with my thumb in most of them :(

    i heart lara stone so much, she is amazabubbles

    and i also heart you phone ;)



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