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So I didn't go to the Ioannis show in the end. Turns out it was miles away from the other events (I would have had to take a tube and 2 overground trains to get there) and didnt realise this until an hour before we planned to leave.
I'm working on getting some straight ups together for my uni project and will post them all on here once the fashion week plus working at Aldo drama is complete.
For now, I'll post a few of my favourite pictures from today. I went to two shows at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and did an awful lot of people watching in the blazing hot sun. I forgot my sunglasses as well, damn it.

Itsu sushi's 'strawberry sun' frozen yoghurt is my favourite non-guilty pleasure!
The Matches pop-up store at Somerset House
Bryce d'Anice Aime - I loved this show, especially all the spiky structuring...
In mad love with this particular outfit
Alice Palmer - we weren't in a very good position for taking photographs for this show...

Structure + buns on the top of everyone's heads are still going strong.
I need to try and keep up with the rest of the shows on Style.com. Life feels so hectic right now, but I'm enjoying it!
Hope everyone is enjoying fashion month.
More posts ASAP

All images are taken by me

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