Goldie Lookin Chains

All I keep hearing about is statment necklaces latley, but I think my big necklace phase is up. I go through stages; I've had phases of wearing statements rings, statement earrings, statement bangles, and statement necklaces.
Since I bought an adorable little 'Love' necklace from accessorize I've become hooked on the dainty little things. I'll be layering up on these and leaving the statment neckwear role to chunky bright scarves.

Brick Lane market on a Sunday is a great treasure trove for pretty little accessories, and thankfully many of their sellers have websites so for those of you who aren't in the London area, you can order them online

Gold 'I Love NY' necklace - (short chain) £8 (long chain) £10 - www.junkjewels.co.uk

Gold 'Letter in Envelope' necklace - £15 - http://fairytalesandpostitnotes.com/

Brass 'Tattoo' necklace - £14 - http://www.galibardy.co.uk/

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  1. ahah wow, i love love love the tattoo necklace!! old skool ;)

    i have the ring version of the love necklace, totally cute, but turned my finger bright green :( i should really investr in some proper jewlery i.e. that costs more than £4...



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