I'm back!

There have been a major lack of posts I know, it's because I was on holiday in Florida for two weeks.
I'm now back in London town and a little depressed with the lack of palm trees/heat and the general greyness here. I bought Teen Vogue at the airport yesterday, the September issue with Taylor Momsen on the cover. I always enjoy Teen Vogue's fashion shoots but too often their cover stars put me off, probably being that I can't relate to disney stars so much as the likes of Rachel Bilson and the Gossip Girl cast.

The thing I always love about Teen Vogue is that they take fashion seriously but still have fun with it making their features colourful and playful. I think this is what also draws me to UK Glamour, Lula and Material Girl. The prospect of winter fashion is often dull for me, so Teen Vogue was just what I needed to get me excited for winter wardrobe shopping. I was going to dedicate a post to this but after a hunt for winter fashion it seems that summer isnt quite over enough and there isn't a great deal to look at.
Nevertheless, my hunt for the perfect over-knee boots will continue, and as soon as bold scarves and statement coats are on the rails I will be picking out my favourites to share with you all :)

Hope youre all having a good summer! x

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