Couture is what dreams are made of...

Nothing can make my (dull) day more than admiring the new couture collections. Galliano has made me proud once again with his use of vivid colour and a bit of cheeky, vampy-ness.

Here are some of my favourites from the Dior show.

There's some really beautiful skirts in there, and the last two dresses are to die for. I truely hope that Galliano will make my wedding dress. Dream big...

A strange observation to make, but his use of the colour yellow is making me crave for some yellow peices, the pale tulle skirt in particular.

Note how 'Bras as tops' is also still going strong.

More to come on Fall '09 Couture!

Ps. Does anyone know who styles the Dior shows? Or is it allll Galliano?

Images: Style.com

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  1. Pretty pictures! The "bra-as-a-top" idea is interesting...! Can't really see myself walking around in that though.
    LOVING the big pink bow :)


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