VERY busy week gone by!
I've been interning in the Glamour fashion cupboard, can't believe my first week is already over! It has been tiring and at times stressful (no thanks to the ridiculous 48 hour tube strike), but as I keep saying, the girls there are sooo lovely :)
The closet is filled with sequinned garments, mostly of the blazer variety! (see previous posts - clearly dying for one)
Pure torture.
The pristine glossy barbie pink Loubou's that arrived for Karen today almost made me weep!
I'm a bit gutted that Oasis' sequinned copy of the Balmain dresses have already sold out - theyve been floating around and I was blissfully unaware that they were already on sale :/
Anyhows, something more interesting in the coming days perhaps as I adjust more to my 9.30-5.30 schedule.
PS. I'm off to see Britney tomorrow night!!!! Childhood dream come true :D

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  1. wow! that sounds so amazing! it must be like a dream come true.

    have fun seeing britney! i'm so jealous!


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