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Well, not that there's much to catch up on. I may have been a bit out of the loop but there doesn't seem to be much happening right now in the wonderful world of fashion. This leads to a lack of inspiration.
However, for a change, I enjoyed reading the new Vogue today. Despite being a subscriber, I rarely make my way through the whole issue lately. This month's issue is allll about bodies. Cue envy-inducing shoots with a naked Natalia Vodianova (no way has she had 3 kids?!) and a beautifully busty Lara Stone. Note to self: Invest in a scanner!
I found Christa D'Souza's article on her obsessive weight control very interesting to read. Lately I've been getting quite strict with my food* (if we ignore todays unusual binge) and I generally dont tend to crave chocolate anymore.
*Not in a concern-raising way may I add.
Reading about other people's eating habits interests me for some reason...
Anyways, if you're into all that then it's a good issue to buy if you dont plan to already. I'm always amazed at how large their word counts must be! Articles going on for pages and pages...
Oh and news on the Glamour placement. I was invited a few months back to start in June, but they needed extra help in the office last week so called me in to lend a hand. I was in the fashion closet most of the day and almost cried at the wall full of (mostly) Louboutins. And a floor covered in Chanel jewellery. I'm so excited to go back - everyone there is soooo so lovely! More than I could've possibly imagined. I know that sounds bad, but I watched The Devil Wears Prada for the millionth time a few nights before and got the nerves/fear of nasty fashion people?
Anyhow, I'm off to read more blogs for inspiration/catch up on the new Gossip Girl... This episode looks so good I think I may DIE! (Also been watching the Rachel Zoe Project, quite obviously...)
Ciaoo :) x

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