Roksanda Ilincic - London Fashion Week

I got myself into another show!
I do love a bit of 'important people' spotting, and fashion week is always was the perfect place, although most editors only really have one little picture in their magazines for me to go from.
Spot Jane Bruton of Grazia sat opposite in the pink scarf, and Hilary Alexander with the shiny brunette bob appearing in most of my pictures haha
I was sat next to Susie Bubble, but didn't really dare say anything to anyone, so I just took lots of pictures.
I willl be on the front row one day my sweets...

Here are the pretty bad pictures I took - (note to self: invest in new camera that doesnt pause for 5 years before letting you take another snap)

Some very beautiful dresses. I really love the fur coat with the bow tied around the waist. The puffy sleeve detail on some of the garments reminds me a bit too much of last season Dolce & Gabbana though...

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