Look Fashion Swap - Freezing Toes

So, last Saturday a friend and I dropped off around 10 items off clothing/footwear that we no longer wanted. We gave some really nice stuff in, still in good condition. Basically, I could have sold it all on eBay and made around £50 for the lot...
Yesterday (and today) is when you go to the boutique on Broadwick Street, armed with the points you recieved based on what you gave in. I don't know why, but we never imagined there would be a queuing system, so that the store didn't get crammed and rowdy. There was. It was long. We queued for 1.5hours, until we were on the verge of tears with no feeling left in our toes, (as i say we were no prepared for this, so didnt dress appropriately to stand practically still for this amount of time on a very cold winters day).
When we finally were let into the store - it was a one-in-one-out system - we actually smiled/laughed/squeeled with joy using all the energy we had left in our bodies and scuffled into the store, which we imagined would be heated and heavenly. Not quite. We also expected to get armfuls of fabulous things in return that just weren't right for the previous owners anymore.
Again, disappointment. Imagine all the stuff in your mums closet that she's just kept hold of since the 90's but hasnt worn in over a decade. I think a lot of mums decided it was time for a clear out, and they chose the Look Fashion Swap as their location.

To sum up: I stood for 1.5 hours on a cold winters day dressed inappropriately, gave in really nice clothes that I could have many money from, only to find there was nothing even worth taking, as id just be armed with more stuff I'd never wear, and my clear out would have been pointless.

Moral of the story?

Never again. Next time, (NEXT TIME?!), I will stick with Oxfam/eBay.

Of course, while in London, we needed a little pick-me-up after this traumatic experience. Where better to go to Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington? Although it was so busy that we were queuing outside, in the cold, again. This time it was worth it though...

I may have started off with three...

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  1. sounds awful, reminiscent of the angels sale last december, though i did manage to get there early and get some good stuff.


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